Current Status

As of now, it is almost April of 2017, and I plan on leaving for my tour within the next month or two. In this time, I need to raise enough money to support myself, obtain all the gear needed to survive, and plan out my trip as much as possible. I’ve been practicing my knot tying and tarp setup skills, as well as testing all new gear I get to make sure it will stand up to my standards for when I’m remote camping and can’t get to a town readily.

So far, I have some good gear. I’ve got an excellent military style hiking backpack which holds an amazing amount of stuff (pictured below). Inside there is a camo tarp, a bivy tent, a hammock setup, and some other gear and sundries. I have a good selection of knives and a solid hatchet, but I do need a whetstone and a honing steel. Other things I need are:

  • An actual camp shovel (the plastic trowel is next to useless in the baked desert sand)
  • A folding saw
  • A camp stove that can use gasoline and other easy to find fuel sources
  • An emergency pop-up shelter
  • An emergency radio transmitter and receiver
  • Probably should replace my cheap plastic tarp with a nylon tarpaulin
  • More rope and paracord
  • A water reservoir that can hold at least one gallon

I am absolutely sure that is not a complete list, but for now that seems to be the most important gear I need before I set out. I can always use suggestions for gear such as what to take and which manufacturers to buy from. Once I have a full list of all my gear I’ll post that with pictures to show my entire setup off and on the bike. Perhaps if I do this someone who knows more than me can come along and give me some good pointers. I’ve never done anything like this so I expect to have plenty of room for improvement!



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