Bike Tour Itinerary

I’ve just figured up a rough outline of the route I’ll be taking on my tour, the distances involved, and how long it will take. The route itself is based off of Google Maps searches, so my actual route will almost certainly be somewhat different, but I am hoping to hit all the destinations listed. The times vary quite a bit based on average distance traveled daily, weather conditions, and personal preferences. I’ve figured that I would ride approximately 30 to 60 miles a day.

After figuring it all up, I can see that this is even more daunting than I had thought previously. The distance totals to over five thousand miles, and the time it will take could be up to 5 months or more. The terrain is not easy and the roads are not all made especially for bikes. This is a big trip. However, I am not deterred in any way. If anything, I can see that this is a worthy challenge for me to undertake, be it grueling, treacherous, or frightening. This is a part of the 80/20 rule. Adventure cycling is 20% physical and 80% mental. If I can get past the mental obstacles in my way, I think I’ll find that the physical challenge is more bearable than I had anticipated.

Departure                 Destination               Distance   ETA
Tucson, AZ                Phoenix, AZ              117 mi      2-4 days
Phoenix, AZ              Los Angeles, CA       412 mi      6-14 days
Los Angeles, CA       San Francisco           450 mi     8-15 days
San Francisco, CA   Portland, OR             711 mi     11-24 days
Portland, OR             Seattle, WA              194 mi      3-6 days
Seattle, WA               Missoula, MT           563 mi      9-13 days
Missoula, MT            Billings, MT             348 mi      6-12 days
Billings, MT              Yellowstone, WY     350 mi     6-12 days
Yellowstone, WY     Salt Lake City, UT   365 mi      6-12 days
Salt Lake City           Boulder, CO             494 mi      8-16 days
Boulder, CO              Denver, CO               30 mi        1 day
Denver, CO               Colorado Springs    86 mi         1-3 days
Colorado Springs    Grand Canyon         609 mi       10-20 days
Grand Canyon, AZ  Flagstaff, AZ             89 mi        1-3 days
Flagstaff, AZ             Tucson, AZ               276 mi       4-9 days
Total Distance      Total Time
5094 mi        82-154 days


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