What is the Pacific Crest Trail?

I mentioned in my last post, My Unfortunate Update that I would be abandoning my previous itinerary and instead bussing out to San Diego, where I will connect with the Pacific Crest Trail and start traveling north. You may not have heard of this before, so I thought I’d go into a bit more detail on what I’m planning on doing.

The Pacific Crest Trail is a system of paths through remote regions spanning from Mexico to Canada, going through California, Oregon, and Washington. The path is marked in places with official PCT trail markers, however there are numerous stretches in which the path is faint or nonexistent, so there will be a major degree of self navigating using maps and a compass.



Not exactly a walk in the park


There are towns along the way but for the most part it’s fairly primitive. I’ll be collecting water from natural resources and purifying it, camping in unmaintained wilderness, and dealing with major changes in climate and weather. Everything I am bringing with me will need to fit in my medium sized external frame military backpack (ALICE style for those in the know).
There is extreme and potentially dangerous terrain in some places. I will be doing everything I can to avoid that but it’s bound to come up at some point. There are a lot of extremes that I will be dealing with, but it will all be worth it to be doing what I want to do. Also, from what I hear, the beauty of this trail is unmatched.





Worth the hike, I’d say

Of course there are sure to be many challenges I have yet to consider, but I believe in the end everything will work out, and I will get to see some amazing things along the way. I will likely be starting this trip within this month, and I’ll be posing updates along the way. Remember that if you would like to support me in this endeavor, you can donate to me. Literally anything helps and will allow me to continue exploring the world and sharing its beauty. Also if you like my content please share it and tell people about me. I’ll be updating the blog later with a new Facebook page and YouTube account. Thanks for reading!



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