The Journey

This journey starts in Tucson, where I have come to live for about eight months now. I have loved every moment I’ve spent in this wonderful town, and it has inspired me to follow my dreams to live off the land and travel the world. My first bicycle¬†tour, which I am currently in the process of planning, will take me from Tucson to Los Angeles, where I will start going north up the California coastline. I will continue up to Seattle, where I will likely stay for a couple of weeks to enjoy the city life there. Then I will start going south, through the Colorado mountains, back down to Arizona where I will visit my birth town of Flagstaff, and then the Grand Canyon. Then I’ll be headed back to Tucson, where I will most likely start planning my next tour, which may be a trans-continental trip from the West Coast of America to the East Coast.

Along the way I’ll update this blog with progress, pictures, stories, ideas, and thoughts. Once I have a full itinerary written out, I’ll post that along with my plotted route. This way, not only do interested viewers know what I’m up to, but it may also open up possible opportunities for help on the trip. Some viewers may see that I will be passing near their area and decide to contact me for lodging possibilities such as places to camp or take showers. Other cyclists and tourists may decide to join up for sections of my trip so that I’m not in complete isolation the whole way through. Some people may have good ideas for detours and side trips that I might take in certain areas, and I’d gladly consider any ideas expressed to me.

In any case, I’d like to document the trip for my own purposes, so that I may learn from my own experiences and have some references for future trips. I’m absolutely confident that this will be a life-changing experience for me, and I can only hope that it may¬†reach someone else who wants to follow their dreams, but doesn’t think they can do it. I fully believe that anyone can choose to follow what makes them happy, whether it’s getting a dream job or living in the dirt making fire with sticks. This will be my contribution towards that concept. Let this serve as inspiration to pursue your own dreams in life, whatever they may be.